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House of Van der haer

"Our wedding was on a lovely November afternoon. After looking around for a while in Dubai for a nice dress I was shocked about the prices charged. I tried a few dresses back home, but got put off by the logistics and fitting issues. I decided to let a tailor make my dress in Dubai. I came to know Charlotte, who did not have the time to sew my dress but asked her for advice on styling and fabric.

She took me to a good fabrics shop in Satwa where she helped me choose the fabric for my dress. With a fuller figure I had an idea in my head with the silhouette I wanted for the dress.

To cut a long story short, the tailor I choose was a disaster and didn't make the dress well at all, and it was 3 weeks before the wedding.

Charlotte saved the day by introducing me to the lovely Shams from Ghanati couture. She did her very best to "fix" the dress and that turned out really well. I felt beautiful in my dress.

Charlotte also introduced me to a lovely make up artist who did a great job for a very reasonable price, and I also used the make up artist's  services again for a photo shoot after our first baby was born.

Without Charlotte I would probably have ended up with an ill fitting wedding dress, so thank you very much Charlotte for your professionalism and care!"

                                                 - Mariska Shikuku-Hoogerdijk

" I received TONS of compliments - it was gorgeous.  The  way the train opened and spread out as I walked down the aisle was lovely.  Everything was perfect! Except my shoes KILLED me after the church ceremony but the wedding reception lady kept my silver and white sneakers under my table and I changed into them immediately! 

No one noticed :-)  The funny looks on our faces is from complete shock!  When I first walked out of the car with  my dad, the crowd of people stood around cheering, clapping and whistling!  I expected them to all be seated quietly around the altar but they were all so festive and I was in TOTAL shock - as you can see ;-)   The veil was stunningly romantic as was the atmosphere. 

Thank you Charlotte!  I loved my dress! "                                

                                                                                -Deema S.

“My wedding was a city wedding so I knew that I wanted a dress to match the feel of the day. I bought a simple but beautiful dress named ‘Paris’ from Caroline Castigliano with quite a modern edge – and I loved it! However, being a diamonds girl at heart I knew that I needed a bit of sparkle to make it pop. Adding a belt was the perfect addition to this simple yet elegant dress so now all I needed was someone to help me create it – enter Charlotte! I went to Charlotte with a rather vague brief of what I wanted but somehow she managed to listen to what I had said and turned it into 3 amazing samples. Being able to actually choose ONE was the hardest part but I ended up going for the belt with Swarovski crystals as it had the most sparkle! What amazed me most about the belt was that it matched my wedding dress fabric perfectly – Charlotte hadn’t even seen the dress in person (she was working from photos and my memory as the dress was living in London at the time). The sign of a true professional!

The belt absolutely made the dress. It sat neatly and perfectly just above my peplum and had a beautiful bow at the back. Later on in the evening I removed the peplum and once again the belt just accentuated the dress! Thank you so much for making my dream belt – and all in a week! You truly made this bride’s day!!”

                                                                       - Natalie Humphrey